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Financial benefit
  • Inventory takes place outside the the client’s premises‘ opening hours

  • Saving costs of procuring or updating software

  • Eliminate the cost of overtime hours and night work

  • Eliminating the need to procure a special technique for the realization of inventory and relating consumables

  • Avoiding  logistical costs for the transport of their own staff and equipment

Benefits for the clients‘ customers
  • Our clients‘ employees can devote themselves to their work and keep the business unit in perfect condition for customers        

  • Quick implementation of inventory with minimal impact on the operation of the   business module

  • After the inventory is completed, the store is tidy and the goods are stored exactly  according to the client‘s requirements

Effective stock management
  • Objective and accurate results

  • Processing of reports and outputs from inventory

  • Investigating differences between the stock records and actual scock levels after inventory is completed

We realize that stocktaking is a very important part of our clients‘ business for effective inventory management, but often there are not enough trained staff to complete this task without impacting on the smooth running of operations.

In addition to operational complexity, companies also incur financial costs conected with stocktaking. These costs include employees' wages and abstractions for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of stocktakes, surcharges for night shifts, travel costs, amortization of own technology, costs of purchasing or renting software and hardware, maintenance and repair of hardware, structure of managers of the central office managing the inventory agenda, and additional small costs of consumables.


Our main motto and mission is to free clients from this complex and time-consuming activity. The main advantage is a trained team of workers with their own devices, through which we are able to guarantee you an accurate and objective result.

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